Gate to the Gorce for children

Forest adventure

Something fun for everyone! That’s how Brama w Gorce should be advertised. This is a great attraction for small explorers curious about the world!

If your child is mobile and asks questions at an unprecedented speed visiting the Nature and Education Center “Brama w Gorce” will feel like a fish in water, or rather like a salamander on the Gorce trail.

From the first steps the path is impressive. Wooden bridges in the treetops were designed so that in each of their places, almost at each “turn”, you will discover something new. Why to do it. To fully enjoy the amazing Gorce Mountains.

Gateway to Gorce location

Small explorers will probably be interested in the 40-meter bear roost. Attentive observers will be attracted to visit it by the loud grunts of the largest predator.

Another magical place is the exhibition pavilion, where you can feel nature with all your senses. Your child will discover how oscypek is made, how many hours a sheep sleeps and who the honielnik is.

Another attraction for the little ones? A forest playground. It is better to reserve more time in this place!

Brama w Gorce for children – definitely!

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