Gate to the Gorce

A walk in the clouds

A gateway to the Gorce for lovers? Of course! This is a romantic date on hanging platforms in the treetops ….

From the first steps the path is impressive and will completely absorb lovers. Wooden bridges in the treetops are designed so that in each of their places, almost at each “turn”, something new is discovered. What for? To fully enjoy the amazing Gorce Mountains.

A walk in such a place is a romantic adventure. It’s a divine walk in the clouds with an opportunity for romantic confessions and beautiful unforgettable photos together!

Romantic photos

You dream of a photo shoot in an uncommon place – the Gate to Gorce is a great choice

A path of record length – 1300 m is an endless walk! This is the only such place in Poland! Two viewing towers: 17 -meter and 32-meter will perfectly fit into a romantic recording for loved ones, because after all, happiness is worth sharing. If you want to see the whole area from above and enjoy the sight of amazing views you are in the perfect place.

Brama w Gorce cennik