Gate to Gorce map

Let's start with getting there...

Without a doubt, the fastest and most convenient way to reach the Gorce Gate from the direction of Nowy Targ. From Zakopane to the educational and natural center you have about 28 kilometers. Is it worth it? Of course! Just choose the direction of Kowaniec, where you can leave your car without too much trouble at the parking lot below Dluga Polana (the infrastructure is developing all the time, soon it will be an ideal place for all motorists). After a short walk you will be at your destination.

Access to the Gorce Gate is also possible from Waksmund. Choosing this route is a suggestion for those traveling from the Pieniny side. There is an unguarded parking lot here. A 4 km long road leads to the Gorce Gate.

How to get there

From the parking lot in Waksmund runs:

  • Tourist train “Ciuchcia”
  • Eight-seat bus

If you do not want to stand in line at the ticket office in a few minutes you will embrace the tickets by clicking on the password: “BUY TICKET” on the website With this solution you will not only gain time, but also save money. Online tickets are slightly cheaper than those bought on the spot. Now all you have to do is apply the access code to the reader and the amazing adventure begins.

Gate to Gorce price list

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