Gate to the Gorce tourist attraction

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This is a modern Educational and Nature Center that invites you to discover the beauty and richness of the Gorce Mountains – one of the most beautiful regions of the country. Brama w Gorce is not only a path in the treetops, but also an educational pavilion, a forest playground and two observation towers. It’s a place where you can learn, play and relax while enjoying breathtaking views of the Podhale countryside.

The treetop path is the main attraction of the Gorce Gate.

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It is 1,300 meters long and consists of three levels: a tunnel, a path at ground level and a path at treetop level. Along the path there are educational boards that provide information about the nature of the Gorce Mountains, their flora and fauna. From every point you can admire amazing panoramas of the Tatra, Pieniny and Beskidy Mountains. At the end of the path there are two observation towers, from which you can see the entire area from a bird’s eye view. The highest tower is 35 meters high and is the longest such structure in Poland.

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