See the Gorce Mountains from observation towers

17 meters above the ground

The first tower is located just above the underground exposition and will allow anyone to look into the nests of birds located in the treetops. From the viewing platform you are sure to catch a glimpse of a grouse, black grouse, golden eagle, woodpecker or perhaps an owl.

Looking for the second tower? You will probably see it in a moment. A gentle path will lead you further towards it …

Wyższa wieża widokowa w Brama w Gorce Nowy Targ

35 meters above the ground

Did you know that the second tower of the Gorce Gate is the highest in Poland? Stay for longer! Here the Gorce Mountains and the whole area will delight you even more. A specially prepared viewing platform invites you to take a break from everyday life and rediscover the beauty of nature.

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