Center in Nowy Targ

Discover the heart of the capital of Podhale

Nowotarski Market Square

… is one of the most beautiful and oldest places in the city worth visiting. It is here that the heart of Podhale’s capital beats, full of life, culture and history.

Nowotarski Market Square is a place of meetings, walks and entertainment for both residents and tourists. Over the years, it was here that fairs, celebrations, protests or festivals were held. So the Market was not only a central place of commerce and administration, but also the scene of the city’s social and political life.

New Market Square in Nowy Targ is not only a beautiful square, but also an important part of the city’s identity. Want to feel the spirit of Podhale and meet its people, as well as experience the history and culture of the region – be sure to visit the Nowy Targ Market. This is a place where you can spend a truly unforgettable time.

In 1364 when Nowy Targ was granted city rights its central place, the Market Square, was established. Among the most interesting buildings you can see here is, of course, the town hall. It dates back to the mid-19th century. The characteristic building with a tower houses, among other things: Podhale Museum, which impresses with its history and culture of the region.

What else can be seen in Nowy Targ’s Market Square? Tenement houses from different eras, which have rich decoration and interesting details, as well as the chapel of St. John Kante from the 18th century. Many people are attracted to visit the Market Square by Hania eating Nowy Targ ice cream and reading the local newspaper, Tygodnik Podhalański.

In general, however, the Market Square in Nowy Targ is a place full of attractions and entertainment. The climate of the city is created by the restaurants, cafes, pubs and stores that surround the Nowy Targ market. So if you want to try regional specialties, such as oscypki, kwaśnica or moskol – be sure to go here.

From time to time, the Market Square in Nowy Targ turns into a stage where you can listen to highlander music and watch a regional dance show. Every year, the Market Square in Nowy Targ also hosts various cultural events and activities, such as festivals, concerts, exhibitions and shows.