Educational Pavilion

Stroke a deer

How many years does a bear live? What is the word for the birth of a lamb? What is the name of the tin bells hanging around a sheep’s neck? Can a man become a sheep? The questions multiply and you don’t know what to say, as a result you feel lost. In the educational pavilion you will find concrete answers and expand your knowledge.

Multimedia exhibitions, nature exhibitions based on dioramas, radio plays and virtual experiments – are waiting!

Zdjęcie jelenia w pawilonie edukacyjnym Brama w Gorce Nowy Targ
Zdjęcie pawilonu edukacyjnego, bacówka, Brama w Gorce Nowy Targ

Visit a shepherd's hut

In the educational pavilion you’ll touch real sheep’s wool, learn how oscypek is made and take a look inside the shepherd’s hut.

Only here will you learn about the interesting world of shepherds, and find out how they spend their time in the shepherd’s hut.

The shepherd’s hut is divided into two parts – the working part, where there is a boiler for preparing cheese for oscypki, and the living part, where shepherds rest and sleep after work.

Did you know that shepherd’s huts begin to bustle with life in the spring, when herds of sheep led by shepherds appear in the mountains….

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