Brama w Gorce mapa

Brama w Gorce mapa Brama w Gorce lokalizacja -parking Bez dwóch zdań najszybciej i najwygodniej dotrzesz do Bramy w Gorce od strony Nowego Targu. Z Zakopanego do edukacyjno-przyrodniczego centrum masz około 28 kilometrów. Czy warto? Oczywiście! Wystarczy, że wybierzesz kierunek Kowaniec, gdzie bez większego problemu na parkingu pod Długą Polaną zostawisz samochód (infrastruktura cały czas […]

Brama w Gorce attraction for familie

Gate to the Gorce attraction for families Let’s start Are you looking for a place where you will spend a fantastic free time with your loved ones necessarily go to the unique Natural-Educational Center “Brama w Gorce”. Are you looking for a place where you will spend a fantastic free time with your family necessarily […]

Gate to the Gorce tourist attraction

Gate to the Gorce tourist attraction There is such a place This is a modern Educational and Nature Center that invites you to discover the beauty and richness of the Gorce Mountains – one of the most beautiful regions of the country. Brama w Gorce is not only a path in the treetops, but also […]

Gate to the Gorce for lovers

Gate to the Gorce A walk in the clouds A gateway to the Gorce for lovers? Of course! This is a romantic date on hanging platforms in the treetops …. From the first steps the path is impressive and will completely absorb lovers. Wooden bridges in the treetops are designed so that in each of […]

Gate to the Gorce map

Gate to Gorce map Let’s start with getting there… Without a doubt, the fastest and most convenient way to reach the Gorce Gate from the direction of Nowy Targ. From Zakopane to the educational and natural center you have about 28 kilometers. Is it worth it? Of course! Just choose the direction of Kowaniec, where […]

Gate to the Gorce for children

Zdjęcie owiec w pawilonie edukacyjnym Brama w Gorce Nowy Targ

Gate to the Gorce for children Forest adventure Something fun for everyone! That’s how Brama w Gorce should be advertised. This is a great attraction for small explorers curious about the world! If your child is mobile and asks questions at an unprecedented speed visiting the Nature and Education Center “Brama w Gorce” will feel […]

Gate to the Gorce towers

Skok w tandemie Nowy Targ

See the Gorce Mountains from observation towers 17 meters above the ground The first tower is located just above the underground exposition and will allow anyone to look into the nests of birds located in the treetops. From the viewing platform you are sure to catch a glimpse of a grouse, black grouse, golden eagle, […]

Gate to the Gorce path in the treetops

Take a walk in the treetops Educational pathway leads through all the attractions of the Nature and Education Center. There is an easily accessible and safe even for people with mobility problems walking path of record length – 1300 m! The walk starts at the level of the undergrowth and leads higher and higher, so […]

Gate to the Gorce educational pavilion

Zdjęcie owiec w pawilonie edukacyjnym Brama w Gorce Nowy Targ

Educational Pavilion Stroke a deer How many years does a bear live? What is the word for the birth of a lamb? What is the name of the tin bells hanging around a sheep’s neck? Can a man become a sheep? The questions multiply and you don’t know what to say, as a result you […]

Gate to the Gorce tunnel

Skok w tandemie Nowy Targ

Discover the underground tunnel Little explorers and more are likely to be interested in the 40-meter-long bear roost. Attentive observers will be attracted to visit it by the loud grunts of the largest predator. At the entrance to the winter lair, a unique mountain panorama is hidden in the colorful glowing stones, and further on […]